T3 teamed up with Maine Winter Sports Center and Maine Huts & Trails to offer members of the Association of Maine Outing Clubs (AMOC) a winter skills weekend - this year it was held at Poplar Stream Hut!

AMOC 2016 Winter Skills Weekend tons of fun!

The Association brings together Outing Clubs and their Advisors from around the state to form a unified network all working to expose more teens to the outdoors. The Association will also provide clubs with links to amazing trip opportunities and discounts as well as a professional association for the clubs' advisors.

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Teens To Trails is pleased to announce this year’s Outing Club grant recipients from high schools across the State! Congratulations to:

  • Cape Elizabeth High School
  • Cheverus High School
  • Ellsworth High School
  • Gorham High School
  • John Bapst Memorial High School
  • Maine Central Institute
  • Massabesic High School
  • Mt. Abram Regional High School
  • Mt. Ararat High School
  • Nokomis Regional High School
  • Shead High School
  • South Portland High School
  • Vinalhaven School

T3 Announces 2015-2016 Grant Recipients
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What is T3?

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What is Teens To Trails?

Our Mission:

Teens To Trails is dedicated to increasing the opportunities for teens to experience the out-of-doors through a variety of programs that promote and support high school Outing Clubs.

Programs & Events

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T3 has programs & events to promote teen Outing Clubs

Teens To Trails is exploring all the ways that we can encourage and support high school Outing Club programs across Maine. Learn more about our varied programs & events by clicking on photos below...

Support for your Outing Club

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Opportunities for Outing Clubs

Looking for outdoor opportunities for your Outing Club? Places to go? Facilities to use? People to help?

Get Involved!

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Teens To Trails - Get Involved!

There are any number of ways you can insert yourself into what happenings are already underway.
Teens To Trails welcomes your involvement!