Teens To Trails Trailblazers

Every fall, high schools are encouraged to take advantage of the T3 Outing Club Trailblazers Program. Trailblazer Outing Clubs receive access to the amazing seasonal trips and discounts provided by our T3 Partners, plus early registration for T3 programming.

Registration is open throughout the month of September and is good for the entire school year!

Trailblazer Program Details

Program Fee: $99/year

Trailblazer Program includes:

  • back-to-school welcome bag

  • seasonal Trip Lotteries (discounted and free trips for Outing Clubs)

  • early registration for T3 programs

  • discounts offered by our outdoor partners including discounted rafting, skiing, sea-kayaking, biking, canoeing, snowshoeing, plus discounts on gear or rentals

  • pro-deals for advisors

  • one T3-run workshop at your school

  • ongoing support from T3 staff

Additional Benefits:

  • new clubs can choose either $50 L.L.Bean Gift Card or First Aid Kit

  • waived program fee during your 2nd year in the program

Outing Clubs breaking trail through the snow

Trailblazer Discounts

Check out the amazing gear & trip discounts for Outing Club Trailblazers! We will continue to add more throughout the year.

Please make sure you have your T3 code handy for bookings, gear purchases and rentals.

Trip Lotteries

All T3 Trailblazer Outing Clubs are eligible for our seasonal Trip Lotteries in the fall, winter and spring. Sign-up for your trip choices every season and you'll get the chance to win a free or discounted Outing Club adventure!

Outing Club teens hiking trip
Outing Club paddling trip

Apply now for the 2018-2019 school year!


Please register your Outing Club by Wednesday, October 17th.

To submit payment using a credit card, please still fill out the form below and click the payment button below.

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