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Register with Teens To Trails

Formally known as TRAILBLAZERS

High schools are encouraged to register their Outing Club with Teens To Trails. Teens To Trails Outing Clubs receive access to our amazing seasonal and regional programming at a reduced rate, Grant-To-Clubs and our annual trip lottery as well as discounts and pro-deals.

Registration is open throughout the school year!

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Registration Details

Program Fee: $15/year


  • back-to-school welcome materials

  • Annual Trip Lotteries (discounted and free trips for Outing Clubs)

  • discounted pricing for Teens To Trails Programs

  • discounts offered by our outdoor partners

  • Outing Club Guide access

  • ongoing support from Teens To Trails staff

  • Access to Grants-To-Clubs application

Additional Benefits:

  • new clubs can choose either $50 L.L.Bean Gift Card or First Aid Kit

Outing Clubs breaking trail through the snow

Trip Lotteries to be announced in September

Outing Club teens hiking trip
Outing Club paddling trip

Register for the 2019-2020 School Year Today!

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