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Teens To Trails® (also known as T3®) is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit dedicated solely to increasing the opportunities for teens to experience the out-of-doors. We know teens live healthier happier lives when connected to the natural world. It is our goal to establish an Outing Club in every high school to reach ALL teenagers at this critical time in their lives when they need positive healthy choices the most. T3 is actively supporting high school Outing Clubs across Maine and responding to requests from all over the country on how to start and support high school Outing Clubs.


Teens To Trails is dedicated to increasing the opportunities for teens to experience the outdoors through our systematic creation of and support for high school Outing Clubs.


With active and sustainable Outing Clubs offered in every high school, ALL teens will have safe access to the outdoors and their lives will be enriched in body and spirit.


Outdoor experiences are critical to the health and well-being of our youth, providing roots upon which to build their lives. Outing Clubs are the most efficient & effective means to engage teenagers in the outdoors while introducing them to fun, healthy, lifelong habits and environmental stewardship.


Through the promotion of Outing Clubs, T3 is raising awareness that “unstructured” time spent in the out-of-doors is not just leisure time -- it’s an essential investment in our children’s health. Where high school Outing Clubs already exist, teens are enthusiastic participants and the school system provides an umbrella within which to operate. Increasingly, school communities are recognizing the benefits of introducing their students to healthy lifelong outdoor recreation. However, we hear concerns from potential Outing Club advisors that their comfort level in leading trips is low & they feel limited by their safety training. We hear from schools that transportation budgets are tight, students do not have proper clothing, or they lack the specialized gear sometimes required to support Outing Club activities. It is not surprising that teachers and school administrators hesitate to tackle these roadblocks on their own.

Since 2007, Teens To Trails has been building tools, resources and support programs to help start and sustain Outing Clubs. T3 also brings Outing Clubs and Outing Club leaders together for mutual support, allowing them to learn from each other while they identify & tackle common hurdles.


To supplement our programs, T3 has developed a statewide network of support through our T3 Partners. OUR T3 PARTNERS

With ever-changing school policies and the inevitable turnover of student leaders & adult advisors, high schools can look to Teens To Trails for stability and continuing assistance. We will build Outing Club numbers until outdoor experiences are built into school curriculums and outdoor adventure programs become institutionalized in high schools everywhere!

My Outing Club experience this year has opened my eyes to all that Maine has to offer and encouraged me to take my new found passion and introduce it to my family. I honestly don’t think that I would have had the confidence or knowledge to do it without the skills I’ve learned from my Advisor and classmates. Outing Club has changed my whole high school experience.
— R. Wommack, Outing Club Member