Outing Club Support


Outing Club Programs

Teens To Trails offers a variety of programs for Outing Clubs throughout the year.  We work closely with outdoor operators, land trusts and adventure activity providers to curate affordable, safe and fun outdoor programming. From larger weekend gatherings, to skill building overnights to leadership conferences, T3 wants to make it easy for Outing Clubs to plan trips and get outside!

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Teens To Trails Trailblazers

We encourage Outing Clubs to join the T3 Trailblazer program to gain access to discounted trips, gear and rentals provided by our T3 Partners, as well as early registration to T3 programs throughout the year! 

Registration is open throughout the month of September and is good for the whole school year. 


Financial Assistance

Outdoor adventures can be pricey! Outing Clubs need money for transportation and gear, so Teens To Trails is finding ways to make the outdoors more accessible to every student. Since 2008, we have awarded over $60,000 in grants to Outing Clubs in need.

Applications are due annually in early October.


Outing Club Tools & Resources

We want to make is easy for schools to start and sustain Outing Clubs. T3 offers free resources on how to start an Outing Club, as well as ideas on how to plan and fundraise for trips. We have a great list of internship and summer opportunities for teens, in addition to information on colleges offering outing clubs & outdoor recreation curriculums.


Advisor Support 

Outing Club Advisors keep everything going! We are here to support teachers, advisors and administrators in any way we can. We offer various leadership and safety trainings throughout the school year. Plus, don't miss our list of outdoor pro-deals and professional development opportunities!

Thank you, for your endless support of Deering’s efforts to get students out and “into” nature and the beauty of Maine. We have felt so encouraged by Teens To Trails and we could not have done much of what we have done without your inspiration and guidance.
— K. McWilliams, Deering High School Outing Club Advisor