Introducing our T3 Alumni Ambassador!

Hi folks! My name is Isabella Pardales, I am currently a first year at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. I attended Yarmouth High School and had the privilege of leading the Yarmouth Outing Club my Junior and Senior year. I came to Yarmouth as a new student freshman year and one of the first things I was introduced to was the Outing Club. I was amazed at all the trips and workshops that the club offered and knew I had to be a part of it. When looking back at my time in the YOC I remember our annual hike on Pleasant Mountain, skiing to Flagstaff Hut, paddling out to spend the night on Merritt Island, snowshoeing to Stratton Brook Hut, and even making snow forts at the school following a snowstorm. I built connections with students from Yarmouth and other schools all on the basis of a shared love for the outdoors.

As a result of my time in the YOC I have grown as a leader and outdoors woman, developing confidence in my skills and knowledge due to experiences and workshops.

Fast forward to now and I am a member of my college’s outing club and an avid skier, biker, hiker and runner. I also have the privilege of being Teens To Trails’ first Alumni Ambassador. Teens To Trails made so many of my experiences possible during my time in the YOC. I am so excited to represent an organization that has had such a big impact on me and my life. I look forward to sharing more about my time in the YOC, my interests, and my future plans.