Grants-to-Clubs Program


Our Grants-to-Clubs Program exists to help high schools start new Outing Clubs and assist established clubs in strengthening their programs & improving their sustainability. High Schools apply each fall to T3 for funds to support their Outing Club programs. We award grants up to $500.

Since 2008, T3 has awarded $60,000 in grants to Outing Clubs across Maine.

Possible uses for these grants include...

  • new gear or equipment rentals

  • transportation for outings

  • safety and skills training

  • fees for hiring Registered Maine Guides

  • professional development or trainings for advisors

  • recreational / public use fees

*Please be in touch if there are other cost areas that will ensure Outing Club activities are available to ALL students, especially those with financial need.

*Policy on unspent funds
If, for any reason, grant funds remain unspent at the time of your Final Report and there are no specific plans to use them this school year for the purpose requested in your grant application, please return the funds to Teens To Trails where they will be held for your Outing Club Program for one additional funding cycle with the hopes that the school will take steps to get the Outing Club active again. If your needs have changed, feel free to simply outline a new request in a new Grants-to-Clubs application next fall.


Questions? Please contact!

Through our support programs, Teens To Trails is working to ensure that every Maine teen has opportunities to get active outside, feel safe and grow.

The purpose of the Teens To Trails (T3) Grants-to-Clubs Program is to help Outing Clubs establish and sustain themselves. We understand that gear and transportation are large obstacles to teens’ ability to take advantage of outdoor adventure. While funding is not everything, we appreciate that micro-grants can be the boost that a club needs. We hope that this program does not create dependence, but instead is an opportunity for OCs to have conversations with their school administrators and boards about how they can help by allocating a small budget year after year which can go a long way.

Teens To Trails grants have been made possible over the years through the generous support of...


The Horizon Foundation

Quimby Family Foundation

Old Bug Light Foundation

The Davis Conservation Foundation

The North Face Explore Fund

Bangor Savings Bank

Norway Savings Bank

Northeast Bank

Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield

The Susan A. and Donald P. Babson Charitable Foundation

...and personal donations from our friends