Recognizing Our Founding Members

In 2013, challenged to contribute at the level of a favorite mountain peak, our T3 Founding Members stepped up in support of sustaining the Teens To Trails organization. These supporters will be forever at the heart of T3!


KATAHDIN (Baxter State Park) Elev.5268

KATAHDIN (Baxter State Park) Elev.5268

Chewonki Foundation
Leonard C. and Mildred F. Ferguson Foundation
National Park Service Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance
The North Face Explore Fund
Outdoor Foundation




David Butler, Maine Path & Paddle Guides


CHAMPLAIN MOUNTAIN (Acadia National Park) Elev.1058


Selina Rossiter & Sandy Colhoun
Marjorie & Bob Collins  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Marty Corey  (in memory of Jeff Sondergaard)
Stephen Lee   (in memory of Sara Leone)
Legends Fantasy Baseball Camp  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Jo Seibel & Stuart Levitz
Eileen & Geoffrey Minte  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Gail Scott-Parizer & Michael Parizer
David Sherman
The VIA Agency



Fred, Deborah & Andrew Glynn  (in memory of Balin Cottington)


MOUNT CHAMPLAIN (Isle au Haut) Elev.543


Barbara & Sidney McFarland  (in memory of Sara Leone)


THE BEEHIVE (Acadia National Park) Elev.520


Adventure Bound
Jonna Carter  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Kerry Gallivan, Chimani
Friends of Sara Leone (Nick Bennett, Foxfire Buck, Maryellen Buck, Klarizza Cruz, Casey Cummings, Ayla Gower, Chelsea Haggett, Zach Hartman, Kent Hersom, Juliette Jones, Matt McRae, Gerard Murphy, Megan Nichols, Brianna Shorey, Evie Smith, Mckenzie Smith)
Catherine White & Warren Frederick
Mary Lou Lamping & Kenneth Lutters
Maine Outdoor Film Festival
Susan Minnix & Ronald Manka  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Tierney Minte(in memory of Sara Leone)
The Rowse Family
Catherine & Cliff Sampson  (in memory of Sara)
Gay & Nick Sampson
Sterling Rope
Satu & Al Svoboda(in memory of Lucas Svoboda)


SAWYER'S NOTCH MOUNTAIN (Isle au Haut) Elev.509

Stevens' Sawmill & Construction, LLC


(Isle au Haut) Elev.405


Margie Collins  (in memory of Sara Leone)


DUCK HARBOR MOUNTAIN (Isle au Haut) Elev.314


Jennifer Collins  (in memory of Sara Leone)


JOHN B. MOUNTAIN (Brooksville) Elev.250


Jane Arbuckle  (in memory of Dugald S Arbuckle)
Joanna & Todd Bachelder
Isa & Michael Beck
Alexandra Conover Bennett
Foxfire Buck  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Jean Cucci
The Davis & McLeod Family
Rita & James Dempsey
Lynne Dempsey
JoAnn & Paul Dolan  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Kelley & Eric Duffy
Edgecomb Congregational Church
Judi & Erik Ekholm  (in memory of Sara Leone)
June & Michael Finnegan
Caroline Gammill
Rosemary & Peter Gold  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Carol Tanski & Steve Golden
Karen Kleinkopf & Tim Goltz  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Katherine Five-Ash & Albert Gordon  (in memory of Tom Hart)
Walter Graff
Doris & Bob Haas  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Elaine Hall  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Linda & Bill Hanson  (honoring Carol & Bob Leone and in memory of Sara Leone)
Zachary Hartman (favorite peak = Mt Kalla Patthar)  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Don Hudson
Alix Hopkins
Julie Isbill  (in memory of H.G. Isbill)
Carol & Bob Leone  (in memory of our Sara)
Emily & Carl Leone
Lindsay Leone  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Barry Maisel
Ryan McDermott
Lisa & Joe McSwain ~ Mid-Maine Restoration
Esme McTighe  (in memory of Mom, Dad & sister Moira)
Judy Sandick & David Nutt  (in memory of Sara)
Sarah Nutt  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Normand & Diane Patry
Kayleigh & Chris Pettit  (in honor of Carol & Bob Leone)
Camille Parrish, Kirk Read & Alice Read  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Janice & Ray Ronan
Linda Lubow & Jordan Rosenfeld  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Ben Sampson  (in memory of Sara Leone)
Greg Shute
Deb Sondergaard  (in memory of Jeff Sondergaard)
Katrina Svoboda  (in memory of Lucas Svoboda)
Tom Trezise
Mark Tusing  (favorite Maine peak = Saddleback Jr Mtn)
Pamela Underhill (favorite Maine peak = Saddleback Mtn)
Karen & Mylea Wade  (in memory of Robert Henry)
Marguerite Ward
Gerardine Wurzburg & Grady Watts
Bryan Wentzell
Catherine Wooten
Loren & John Wright  (in honor of Todd Bachelder)


We owe a debt of gratitude to each and every T3 Founding Member for believing in us and our mission.
Thank you!