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  Trip Inspiration


There are tons of things to do in the outdoors in Maine, biking, hiking, canoing, kayaking, rafting, cross country skiing, downhill skiing, overnights, day trips, after school trips and lots more  - the possibilities are endless. Your club may have ideas for trips it wants to try out and you may also be looking for some new inspiration which is why we have gathered together these trip idea resources. If you are just getting started we recommend you start simple and fairly local, then as you grow more comfortable with your group and the systems you have in place try something new and exciting or further afield. Don't forget there are professional guides, outfitters and other organizations and businesses that want to help you plan and execute your trip! Check out our Partners Page listed below for these resources. Did your club go on a new trip that was a smashing success? Share it with us so we can share it with others through our trip idea form!



Favorite Maine Hikes - Initial details, notes and location information on favorite hikes in Maine that have been shared with us.


Maine Land Trust Network List of Maine Land Trusts - Land Trusts conserve land throughout the state for environmental, scenic, agricultural, recreational or other uses and many of their properties are open to the public for hiking or biking. Did you know Maine has the most Land Trusts per capita of any state in the country?! Contact your local Land Trust for information on public trails near you.


Maine Trail Finder- Another way to find Trails near you! Search by difficulty, location, keyword or type of trail: hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, biking and more.


Maine Appalachain Mountain Club Chapter Youth Program has trained leaders ready and excited about leading and helping plan trips, organizing service projects, teaching technical workshops on skills such as navigation, Leave No Trace, winter hiking, trails maintenance and more! Get in touch with them if you could use some help running or planning for your trip. Contact us for more information or follow the link above. AMC also offers trip planning ideas, packing lists, etc. on their main site here, and also have a great list of trip ideas specific to Maine!

Trip Ideas from Outing Club Advisors and Students

Trip Ideas from Outing Club Advisors and Students

These trips have been recommended by our affiliate Outing Club advisors and students. T3 and our staff have not researched or been on any of these trips for Outing Club purposes nor do we specifically endorse any one. The list is meant to serve as inspiration to you with the expectation that you will do further research into the details of the trip and its appropriateness for your group.

T3 Partners Database  

Search the profiles of these businesses, organizations and individuals if you are looking for a guide, outfitter, facility, summer job or other resources for your Outing Club. Our Partners have indicated a specific interest in reaching out to and supporting High School Outing Clubs like yours. Get in touch with them!


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