Outing Club Tools

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We want to make your outings as easy and fun as possible to plan and execute. Here are some resources to help you out.


Choosing Your Trips

Need some ideas? These resources should spark some ideas. What do you want to do and what do you have the skills and the capacity to do?  Start local and expand outward and you get more comfortable. Lists of Land Trust MapsWe have a growing list of trips along with other trip idea resources suggested by Outing Club Advisors and student members.

Trip Ideas from Outing Club Students and Leaders
These trips have been recommended by our affiliate Outing Club advisors and students. Day trips, overnights and other Outing Club activities.


Planning Your Trips

Topographic Maps
Zoom in and print out topographic maps from anywhere in the country for free. Know where you are going and all of your potential evauation routes and nearby resources should you need them.


Trip Specific Resources
Download these packets to help you plan your canoeing or hiking trip.



Preparing for your Departure

Pre Trip Checklist
Does your school have a copy of your itinerary and know your emergency plans? Is your first aid kit packed? Do you have all your forms?



Sample Forms and Packing Lists
Download our Outing Club Guide for sample health and permission forms and packing lists for day and overnight trips.


Whether you are headed out for an afternoon or a week, it's always a good idea to have a sense of the weather so you can plan ahead and prepare.



Leave No Trace
Minimize your impact on the environment while enjoying the outdoors.