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Matthew Chapman & Meghan DeLong
2017 Scholarship Recipients






2017 recipients Matthew Chapman and Megan DeLong (front) are joined by Carol Leone of Teens To Trails (front right), and (back row, left to right) Arieanna Mills (2016 recipient), Keith Crowley of Chewonki, Ralph Keyes (Wiscasset Outing Club Advisor), Gabby Chapman (2015 recipient), and David Fairfield (2016 recipient)

Outdoor experiences are essential to life.       ~ Megan

 Arieanna Mills & David Fairfield
2016 Scholarship Recipients








Pictured February 2016 after recipients announced at school assembly (left to right: Wiscasset Outing Club Advisor Ralph Keyes, Scholarship Recipients Arieanna Mills and David Fairfield, Teens To Trails Founder Carol Leone)

I truly believe that outdoor experiences bring out your inner self. Being outside is where life happens.       ~ Arieanna

Ari hikes the Appalachian Trail in Maine --- "We got to hike up Katahdin at midnight to see the view that was not there for our summit of Katahdin. We got to top of tree line before 2am and because we hiked that much that fast, we got to lie down and watch some meteors. It was the best experience that I have ever."

David participates in Chewonki's Maine Coast Kayaking Trip 2016 --- "It was a beautiful and amazing experience with challenges and trials which tested my MCK group. I learned a lot and had plenty of fun making memories with my MCK group. Thank you for providing Wiscasset High School with such an amazing opportunity."

Gabby Chapman & Josh Kramley
2015 Scholarship Recipients

Scholarship Recipients pose in their new T3 & chewonki t-shirts after being recognized at Feb 24th Wiscasset High School assembly (left to right: Chewonki representative Prema Long, Josh Kramley, Carol Leone of Teens To Trails, Gabby Chapman, and Wiscasset Outing Club Advisor Ralph Keyes)






Gabby participates in Chewonki's Subarctic Leadership Expedition & walks on a glacier!

Josh paddles the Maine coastline with Chewonki's Maine Coast Kayaking Trip

Colleen Hendricks
 2014 Scholarship Recipient

I believe that outdoor experiences are important to my life. I'm thankful that I was born in Maine...and living in the woods because you escape from society and all the noise. This is a good silence. In the winter I close my eyes and I hear the sound the snowflakes is extremely quiet in the woods...I find comfort in that. Everything is better when you go outdoors and use these senses to experience nature.       ~ Colleen

Colleen spends 3 weeks canoeing the Allagash River (below) ~ July 2014

I don't know how many miles we actually canoed on the Allagash River, but we started on the West Branch of the Penobscot and ended on the St. Francis River. Depending on the day, we would paddle 5-17 miles before setting up our campsite for the night. I think going on these trips and spending time outside gives you the chance to be pushed physically and mentally... It was also cool to spend 3 weeks making friends with girls I had never known before while helping each other through daily challenges. Thank you for this opportunity.        ~ Colleen


Maeve Carlson
2013 Scholarship Recipient

Maeve explores the Maine coast up close and personal during her 3-week sea kayak trip

This opportunity was one I will never forget...building community & friendships with those on my trip. We did over 120 miles from Chewonki's waterfront all the way up to Mt. Desert Island! It is one of the best things I've ever done.     ~ Maeve

 Shania Marr & Nicholas Brackley
2012 Scholarship Recipients

February 2012 photo from left to right: Ralph Keyes (Wiscasset High School Outing Club Advisor); Nicholas Brackley (Scholarship recipient); Carol Leone (Teens To Trails); Shania Marr (Scholarship recipient); Sara Hirsch (Chewonki)

Shania joins Chewonki's Wilderness Trip ~ Whitewater Kayaking on the Penobscot

The outdoors teaches life skills including responsibility, leadership and perseverance.       ~ Nicholas

I am writing to you from Ice Cave campsite at 1000 ft above sea level on the Allagash Lake.  We just finished our 3-mile portage to Allagash Lake a few miles ago.  I have met some incredible people on this trip: 2 from Russia, one from Texas, 2 from Maine, 3 from New York, and 2 from Massachusetts.  I just wanted to write you to say thank you for this incredible experience.  I cannot find words to describe its awesomeness.          
~ Nick on Northern Woods Canoe Trip, July 2012

I think the experience was definitely life changing.  It gave me different outlooks on nature and that I don't need makeup to feel pretty. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to gain new skills and get to know new people – not just by living together in tents but also relating to being away from home and knowing what everyone gave up to be there. I really hope the Sara's Scholarship is able to continue to give more teenagers this wonderful opportunity!             ~ Shania

Annalisa Haase & Joseph Chapman
2011 Scholarship Recipients

February 2011 photo from left to right: Ryan Linehan (Chewonki's Summer Wilderness Programs Director); Ralph Keyes (Wiscasset High School Outing Club Advisor); Joseph Chapman; Annalisa Haase; Genell Vashro (Chewonki's Girls Camp Director); Carol Leone (Teens To Trails)

Outdoor experiences can help you connect with yourself as well as others.  I love the feeling you get when you are standing on top of a mountain or the feeling of achieving excellence after you are done with a long hike... This is literally the coolest thing I ever did!                                                                  ~ Joe

photos of Joe on the Appalachian Trail ~ with fellow backpackers

Annalisa challenges herself ~ whitewater kayaking on the Penobscot River

I think being outdoors helps you get away from problems in life.  I can make new friends, explore and find new things.          ~ Annalisa

 Abigail Foster & James Andretta
2010 Scholarship Recipients

I couldn’t thank you enough for providing this experience for students at my school, and then actually picking me to go.  I had the best summer of my life.

~ Abby, July 2010

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This trip was such an experience for me...

~ James, July 2010

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Becca Slack

2009 Scholarship Recipient

I was awarded the Sara Leone Scholarship this past spring and it changed my life. I attended the Chewonki Girls Camp Penobscot White Water Kayaking Expedition in June. I feel like I came back from camp a different girl than when I went. It taught me that I could push myself a lot farther than I ever could have imagined ... that I could survive and thrive on my own. I would like to say, hands down, that this trip was the best thing that has EVER happened to me! I will never forget it. It has changed my life.

~ Becca, September 2009

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