Meet Sara

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Meet Sara

Sara was in love with the world. We were all in love with her.

Each person who knew Sara has their own special memories, but the reasons we are all missing Sara are the same. Sara was in love with life -- always that beautiful smile on her face and always in the middle of the action. It would brighten your day just to be around her. Her sense of humor was both clever & contagious. She had a way of putting you at ease with her laugh and her ability to make fun of herself.

But, behind her devilish smile was a strong determination - striving to do her best at whatever she tackled. Her small size never kept her down. She approached the challenges of each day not just with intensity, but humility. Sara was a leader by example. She did not work to put herself first, but chose instead to include everyone - hoping to bring everyone along together. She was the perfect teammate - caring and giving - friendly to all and a good friend to many. Read Sara's poem on the importance of being yourself.

Sara's friends & family have established a special Scholarship in her memory... LEARN MORE about Sara's Scholarship ~ Engaging Teens in the Outdoors