Grants-to-Clubs: What Recipients Say

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Grants-to-Clubs: What Recipients Say

Hear what recipients have to say:

Thank you, for your endless support of Deering's efforts to get students out into and "into" nature and the beauty of Maine. We have felt so encouraged by T2T and we could not have done much of what we have done without your inspiration and guidance. 

~ Kirstin McWilliams, Deering High School Outing Club

The funds provided by our grant will make a big difference in the types of outdoor activities that we can offer our participants and in the numbers of students who will be able to experience the outdoors in these new and exciting ways.

~ B. Davis, Westbrook HS Trailblazers Outing Club Advisor

These funds will be amazing in helping to make our Outing Club trips more available to all of our students. In fact, I know of a student that will be able to go on this coming weekend’s trip because of this grant.

~ B. Keith, Lisbon HS Outing Club Advisor

If we can make it easier for even one student to try something he or she has never tried before, then I would call our year a success.

~ C. Westerfield, Yarmouth Outing Club President

These packs will enable students this year and in the future to experience the outdoors in ways they never have before.

~ M. Morrison, Bucksport High Schools Outing Club Advisor

It is nice to know that there are still organizations who deem it important and worthwhile to get young people outside to foster the experiences that can only be found in the solace and challenge of exploring trails of all kinds.

~ T. Tierney, Mount Blue’s Youth Expeditions to Ignite Advisor

My Outing Club experience this year has really opened my eyes to all that Maine has to offer and encouraged me to take my new found passion and introduce it to my family.  I honestly don't think that I would have had the confidence or knowledge to do it without the skills that I've learned from my classmates and Advisor.  Outing Club has really changed my whole high school experience.

~ R. Wommack, Outing Club Member

We believe that an outdoor experience is an excellent way of developing mind, body, and character of students at our school. We look forward to seeing students continue to challenge themselves and to grow through exposure to the outdoors.

~ I. Waltz, Principal, Deering High School

The Outing Club is an opportunity for students to be involved with pro-social fun activities, have adult mentors, develop positive relationships, learn leadership skills, develop skills in lifelong sports, and make a difference in their community.  It is a win-win-win-win-win-win.

~ B. Wolfe, Principal & Outing Club Advisor, Biddeford High School

Gear purchased (with grant funds) can be used for years to come and help the club maintain a solid presence in the school in the future.

~ A. Mitchell, Thorton Academy Outdoor Adventure Club

We're excited to use the grant to help our Outing Club grow!

~ M. Fowler, Ashland District School
Outing Club Advisor

THANK YOU to everyone at T3 who believes (like I do) that kids need to be outside often.

~ K. Buotte, Dirigo Outing Club Advisor

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