Fundraising Ideas

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Outing Club Fundraising

Fundraising Ideas and Inspiration

We all love to get outside as much as possible, but it usually come with a price tag. The cost of gas, food, gear and sometimes even guides can add up, and with many schools on a tight budget unfortunately there are not often funds allotted to Outing Clubs. So- we have put together this list of ways for your club to fundraise for your next adventure. With a little bit of elbow grease, time and usually even some fun these projects can help your club reach the summit of Katahdin, paddle down the Kennebec or spend a few nights along the AT!

Bottle Drives

  • Clynk and Hannaford make it easy for your club to fundraise by collecting bottles, asking people to donate from their clynk account to yours or distributing bags for people to take to clynk themselves. Check out their Community Cash program.

Selling T-Shirts or other Merchandise

  • Design a cool T-shirt or other gear like water bottles and sell it to your school community. Design your own through a website like customink or check out Chalk Board Tees Fundraisers (it really is a chalkboard on a t-shirt!).

Selling The Sunrise Guide

  • The Sunrise Guide contains $1000s worth of coupons to tons of Maine businesses and your school can keep up to $10 per guide sold.

Polar Plunge

  • Take pledges from your community members to jump in the frigid Maine winter waters at the beach or safely at your local pond. Theres nothing more refreshing! Just make sure you have a warm place to go afterwards.

Host the Maine Outdoor Film Festival

  • Work with Teens To Trails to bring the Maine Outdoor Film Festival to your school! The festival and promote the Outing Club and outdoor activity in General to your school and greater community while raising money for your club.  It is a great event at which to hold a raffle or bake sale as well!

Sell Pumpkins or Wreaths at Halloween and Christmas

  • Many Families buy these already and so they might as well buy them from you!

Bake Sales

  • Make some goodies and sell at different times such as during parent teacher conferences, plays or sporting events.

Car Washes

  • Help your school community get the winter road grime off their vehicles! Bubbles and water rarely fail to be fun...

Yard Work

  • Rake leaves, weed, haul brush, you name it. Many hands make light work and you get to spend time outside!

Gear Sale

  • Organize a sale of skis, bike and/or other outdoor gear (seasonally depending). Ask for donations to the sale or share the profits with donors. Then promote the event and invite your whole school and greater community!

 Ideas to add? Let us know!