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Opportunities for Outing Clubs

Looking for outdoor opportunities for your Outing Club? Places to go? Facilities to use? People to help?

We want you and your club to know what resources there are out there, so we've done the searching for you! Teens To Trails is constantly developing partnerships with organizations, businesses and individuals all over the state of Maine who have outdoor facilities, programs and opportunities to offer to high school Outing Clubs. We've asked these organizations to create profiles on our Partners Page to brag about the awesome adventures they're waiting to help you with so it's easy for you to see what's out there and get in touch with those people enthusiastic to get some Outing Clubs involved with what they're doing!

For more ideas of things to do, check out our listing of Upcoming Events.

For help with trip planning, check out our Outing Club Tools.

If your Outing Club needs gear, is looking for a place to camp or hike this weekend, or is looking for new ideas about how to be active in the Maine outdoors, the T3 Partners Page is a great place to start!

Search our T3 Partners database to find…

  • Discounts for Outing Clubs (e.g., guide services, user fees, equipment sales or rentals)
  • Outdoor destinations / places to visit
  • Recreational or overnight facilities for teen groups
  • Sculpted trips for member clubs
  • Special events for teens
  • Volunteer/service learning opportunities for teens
  • Summer jobs or internships
  • Camp program or wilderness trips for teens
  • Camp scholarships
  • Guide services
  • College outing club mentors for high schoolers
  • Outdoor safety or skills training for adult or teen leaders
  • Outdoor gear rental / sales / loans
  • Used gear sales
  • Grants or possible funding support
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Accredited outdoor-related school program ~ financial aid
  • Outdoor recreation classes / workshops
  • Outdoor career services

Each profile page will list what outdoor opportunities a particular T3 Partner has to offer -AND- how you can get in touch for more details. We hope you will take advantage of our T3 Partners. They are here to help!

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If you are a business or organization that can help teens experience the outdoors, please get involved. SIGN UP as a T3 Partner to be featured with your own Profile Page. Contact Mckenzie for assistance or with questions!